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Steve LaDuke, Network Architect

Beyond Turbo, LLC specializes in managing Cisco networks of 2 to 100 switches and routers. We quickly detect network problems, resolve them and help you bring your company up to the next level of redundant network performance. We provide all of your network consulting services and we are experts in designing, managing and maintaining redundant networks with Cisco network devices. Beyond Turbo, LLC is your source for stable, reliable network design and performance. We provide network consulting solutions.

Server Administration

P2V (Physical to Virtual) virtualization
Windows 2000, 2003 Active Directory (AD)
Linux (basic only)

Network Administration and Services

Resolve network issues
Network design
Network mapping & redesign
Network adds/moves/changes
Network security
Help with Cisco devices
Telecommunications cost engineering
Disaster recovery planning
Vendor neutral telecommunications procurement and management

The Importance of Redundancy

Redundancy is having alternate paths for data to travel to reach each critical location. Redundancy is important in both LANs and WANs.

It is important to duplicate each component: Communications lines, Routers, Switches and Firewalls.

A high-speed communications line is not always required for redundancy. A redundant line should be connected to a redundant router. The routers should be connected to different Ethernet switches. An example would be to use a DSL line to backup a T1 line.

Beyond Turbo, LLC is committed to optimizing your networks performance and increasing stability and reliability through network redundancy.